Monday, May 11, 2015

Guess the Food Item

Let's try something a little more hands on here.

Assuming the HTML coding is working, see if you can deduce what food items are by their ingredients. (images will be cited later as the URLs give the answers away)

What food is this?

What Food is This?

What food is this?


What Food is this?


  1. Alright, so here are the answers:

    1) This is cereal, namely Fruit Loops. Note that the first ingredient isn't even a grain product; it's freaking sugar.

    2) This is Sour Patch Kids candy. Artificial colors galore.

    3) This isn't a food item. It's some sort of beauty product. The fact that it could probably pass as a food ingredient list is a scary thought, isn't it?

    4) This is a Nutrigrain bar. Pyridoxine Hydrochlorine sounds very delicious indeed.

    Food production has reached the point where we can no longer distinguish foods from one another by looking at their contents anymore.If this keeps up, who knows what food will be made out of in the future.

    Image sources, in order of appearance:

  2. Of course, none of these is really food, but that was pretty fun trying to guess. :)

    Your blog, in general, was informative, but on the average side. Most of your posts were too short, and some were missing images. You had a great chance to go in-depth with something you were personally interested in, but most of these were perfunctory. I enjoyed them, though. :)

    I have read them all, but am only commenting here. I will say that Olestra is evil and made me very sick. It was in fat-free Bruster's ice cream. Awful stuff!